Stop #SOPA #ttot #SOPAblackout (Taken with instagram)

Stop #SOPA #ttot #SOPAblackout (Taken with instagram)

18 January 2012 ·

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I am...

Life is short? Life is only short if you don't actually live it. Fill your days with that spark of madness that consumes you when thoughts of your dream course through your mind. Fill it with the things that make your heart skip a beat, that take the breath right out of your body from sheer astonishment. Fill it with things that make you smile. Don't believe in what society deems your destiny, for it is you, and only you, who is the scribe to your life story. The walls that hold you back are only to high if you decide they are. On the other side on complacency is something beyond the realm of words, because nothing can describe the feeling when you start the chase toward your dream. But I can tell you it's pretty damn good.

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