Live on the edge

Live on the edge


5 January 2012 ·

I am...

Life is short. Time is precious. I know this all too well.
My childhood was wrought with pain and destruction. My father was a drunk, my mother did drugs.
My teenage years were consumed in a mist.
My Mother committed suicide, I found my father dead from a heart attack and held him in my arms with a fools hope he would come back to life.
Why do I tell you this?
Because I've been to the darkness. And I know nothing good lies there, or lies in standing idle.
There is no time to be bored.
I tell you this so you know I too have been through shit, and you can claw your way out to a better life.

I live for travel. I live for cultures, I live for adventure. I live for smiles. I live for friendship. I live for cultures unknown. I live for adrenaline.

I live.

Live Gnarly or Merely Exist? That is the Question.

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